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Healing through Death and Dying. Death Therapy, Death and Dying Support and Counseling. Transitioning through Death. Discovering What is Death?

You can make the most of any change, including old age… and even dying… to do deep spiritual work and find inner peace.

We are all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Beings. If any of those parts have been ignored, it is like living with an amputation, and we may reach a point where we experience regret and emptiness, and even doubt the meaning of our lives.

Believe it or not, dying is a wonderful opportunity. We don’t always recognize it, but we all die little deaths all the time as we move from the past to future, from the then to the now, who we were to who we are now, from what was to what will be.

Whether someone you know is dying, or it’s your journey right now, perspective shifts when faced with such a transition, the unknown, and apparent loss. That shift in perspective is a gift.

Never do we feel more open, vulnerable and forgiving than when we think we’ll never see someone again. We also become more able to see ourselves and others more clearly, and to dissolve old patterns and blocks while possibly opening to receive from others what we may have rejected before. 

It is also a perfect time to discover the nature of the mind, consciousness, and to even experience what death is before the ‘final act’ (which isn’t actually final at all).

It is possible to know your eternal nature. And I don’t mean that in either a ‘woo-woo’ or a religious sense. It is absolute reality that our essence continues on. You don’t have to believe that, or anything in particular, for it to occur. Death is not the end, it is just a transition.

Even if no one in your life is imminently dying, you may have a fear of death (or fascination with death) that you’d like to work on.

I firmly believe that the cure for most of what ails us, and this world, would be to find true and lasting peace from an understanding of the nature of death. With this proper understanding, we would become fearless humans living our greatest lives, no matter how much time we had left in this body. We would understand our interactions with others and would reach resolution more quickly, with the higher perspective of how our resentments, and problems with others will continue to play out until resolved and healed once and for all. 

Even as our body is dying, you can come back to LIFE.

For those of you who seek answers or want to process with someone who will not hide from death or negate your experience, I am here for you, a steady partner on the journey.

Reach out to me here.

Learn more about therapy sessions here. Get the support you need, pay from the heart.

Once you realize that the person is merely a shadow of the reality, but not the reality itself, you cease to fret and worry. You agree to be guided from within and life becomes a journey into the unknown.” – Maharaj, from I Am That

An image of our beautiful galaxy, a reflection of your true nature.

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