How To Love Yourself

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‘As you all know, at least theoretically and intellectually, love is the greatest power in the universe. Every spiritual teaching or philosophy, every religion, even modern psychology proclaims this truth. Love is the one and only power. With it you are mighty, you are strong, you are safe. Without it you are poor, you are separate; you are isolated and fearful. However, this knowledge cannot really help you until you discover where deep inside yourself you cannot love, you do not want to love, and you do not know why you resist loving. Without this particular knowledge, the great eternal truth about love remains a lofty ideal you cannot possibly apply to your person or your life right now.’- from The Pathwork Lectures

It is said that you must love yourself before you can love another. Have you ever wondered why this is so?

It is because you must have the inner EXPERIENCE of love before you can be in relationship with another and know what is truly love and what isn’t.

In this world we claim a lot of things are love that aren’t. Many of those things we mistake for love are really forms of manipulation and games we play with each other.

If ever in doubt, substitute the word ACCEPTANCE for LOVE. If you can fully accept another, you can love them. And that goes for yourself.

How do you learn to love yourself? Turn UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE inward to discover where you cannot and do not accept yourself. And that is where your work begins.

‘Love is a hunger to bless.’- Paul Rosenberg

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