The Prison/Slave Mentality

If you struggle with any form of dissatisfaction in your life– from deep depression to more mild effects such as constantly looking for other potential partners (if you are in a relationship)– the Prison/Slave mentality is worth reflecting on.

So many people struggle under a seemingly unbearable burden, but often can’t quite put a name to the burden. Some might name society, or other people as the causes, but many just think something is wrong with them. Or worse, that they ‘are wrong’.

I’ll tell you again (as I often say), there is nothing wrong with you.

When you wake up to who you really are, EVERYTHING will change. I mean that. And you will live in perpetual freedom, even joy, with no burden and no fears.

I know it sounds impossible, but it is true.

But in order to do this we each must consider the Prison/Slave mentality. It is so built into daily life that most accept it as just ‘reality’.

Take something simple, like the work-week, the days Monday through Sunday. How many people habitually feel low on Monday (back to work), burdened on Wednesday (hump day), and lifting spirits on Friday (to have ‘free’ time, all too often to lose consciousness in drugs and alcohol).

Who made up those days and what they ‘mean’?

The gauge of success is your own satisfaction. The tragedy is gauging your success on someone else’s satisfaction.‘ – Guru Jagat

And what about time? Time is not set. It slows down when bored or waiting or in pain, it speeds up with under perceived pressure. It is totally relative to your experience. In deep meditation, or moments of expanded consciousness, there is no time.

Another example is age. There are all the rules about what people should be like, capable of, or have done by a certain age. If you buy into these ‘rules’ for you, you create your own prison, and build a ‘Phantom Self’ around your True Center (and then wonder why life feels so deathly dull, fake, empty, hopeless).

How about what is ‘required’ to be a man (Success Object) or woman (Sex Object), a parent, a child, a Democrat or Republican (heavy traps), an American… I could go on and on.

Another very powerful trap that is used to enslave is the fear of DEATH. What people will do to avoid the unavoidable! The physical body and this ‘one life’ then become a horrible prison. Afraid to live, but afraid to die, trapped in the middle with nowhere to move and only the desire for someone to direct you to safety.

If you knew that the body was not YOU, would that change your life as you know it?

Virtually anything can become a prison if you believe in it.

The trick, is to discover the trick.

It is all a mind game.

Meditate on what your life might be like if you didn’t set your day based on the day of the week. And if you didn’t get caught up in the time trap. If you considered your authentic inner desires, versus the plan your parents, spouse, political party, church, government or anyone else set out for you.

Everything is an idea. And your experience is based on how to you relate to ideas– which you take on or reject.

I know it can seem so scary, the idea of being ostracized (kicked out) of your group. But is going along to get along worth the cost to you, to your soul? Only you can decide.

If we each were each living in freedom, we would find acceptance naturally became the way of the world. When I give acceptance to another, they discover how wonderful it is to receive, and then they want to give it to another. When I block another, then they want to block me too.

Start doing your own research into death and what it really is (or isn’t). But, I’ll warn you, you have to look outside of mainstream medicine and begin to explore with an open mind. Look into Near Death Experiences and true spiritual teachers (such as Nisargatta Maharaj and Ramana Maharshi, or even Eckhart Tolle) and develop an inner listening that can guide you to your own answers, not those handed to you (slave mentality).

We take for granted so many things we have been told, yet never questioned. You, we, each of us can know and discover Truth for ourselves. And often it is turns out to be the opposite of what we were told.

Start questioning everything. (You don’t have to drop your life, or outwardly question others. Just start within, see how it feels, be totally honest with yourself. Note: If it feels lousy then it cannot be Truth.)

Anything can become a prison, and only YOU can wake up from it by using awareness– awareness of the inner self and the realization that there even is a Phantom Self. And then there is the Eternal Self, which is the True Self and which is truly eternal. (Not the body, which is a temporary vehicle.)

But only you can claim this.

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