Live your life with a clear mind, a settled body, and a connected heart. Shift your state, reset emotions, & discover the courage to be You.

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You are not broken. You don’t need to be fixed. You just need to discover who you are – who we are – and to learn how to transform ANY thought or feeling back to centeredness.

This is not something that can be explained easily here, it is an experience each person must have directly. Once you have it, you can master it, and you can go on to live your best life.

When you learn how to find and maintain your center (no matter what is happening in your life) you gain access to a whole new way to interact with the world– one that leaves you feeling empowered and puts you back in the position of leading the life you were meant to lead, no longer at the ever- changing whims of others and circumstances. This is lasting inner stability.

When you discover the difference between thoughts and reality, and learn the true nature of the mind and moods, you will realize the way to live from a positive and peaceful place which allows you to more easily receive insights and clear direction for your best life.

Emotions are a fact of life, but most of us are never taught how to deal with painful and uncomfortable feelings. I get asked all the time ‘how to I just make [it] stop?’… but it doesn’t work that way. You need to learn how to naturally transform the emotions.

Feeling is not necessarily healing. Feeling is critical, but learning how to feel and move pain and blocks makes all the difference between ‘digging in the dirt’ or retraumatizing, and transformation.

The kind of rapid progress and lasting change that my clients make transform lives. It not only transforms YOUR life, but also tends to shift your family life and all relationships in amazingly positive ways. Healing always starts with YOU.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. – Martin Luther King Jr.

Our past doesn’t define us. We can all learn to be the light in the darkness. As we heal our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls, we become true co-creators in this world.

In our sessions together, it’s not just talk. We talk, of course, but we also spend a lot of time learning how to transform emotions and how to ‘hold two places at once’. How to be in the depths of pain and know you are not that at the same time.

Also, it’s not all up to you to find the blocks and obstacles and know what needs to happen. I have a knack for helping others become aware of what needs transformation. I’m here to help you remember the way back to wholeness.

The Definition of Stress: Your internal resources don’t meet the external pressure. – Guru Jagat

Maybe right now you don’t care about anything but feeling better, climbing out of the pit of despair, and stopping the daily suffering that just seems to be the way of this crazy world.

Maybe you are tired of being sick of yourself. Maybe you can’t stop your thoughts from spiraling, or anxiety from hijacking your nervous system. Maybe you can’t stop acting like a jerk.

Or it might seem like everyone is out to get you – like they are all jerks. Maybe you just want to get along in a relationship, or feel more confident in the world.

Maybe you have trouble feeling anything at all and numbness is your challenge. Maybe you feel lost and low, even depressed.

Maybe you had trauma in your past– acute abuse or chronic, persistent low level stress.

Or maybe you are just trying to discover how to live your best life, wondering if there isn’t more to this world than what we are born into and raised with.

Cool. Wherever you are, that’s where we start. It doesn’t matter how bad it’s been, how anxious you are, how low you go, how angry you get, or how much you doubt that you can have a wonderful life.

Nothing is broken.

How Do I Start??

That depends on you. Do you just need a little support? Send me a message, ask me a question.

Are you a self-starter? Check out the Free Self-Help Resources and pick whatever grabs you and just start learning.

Are you looking for a specific type of therapy or support? Check out my Specialties page for some of the ways I help that are ‘off the beaten path’.

Do you need a personal one-on-one session? Then read on…

Just to be clear, I LOVE to work with and help confused, unhappy, worried humans / numbed, exhausted, lonely souls / fed up, hurting, angry people / trauma survivors / struggling couples / troubled teens / people who have had really ‘out there’ experiences and don’t know where to turn and worry they might be ‘losing it’ / anyone dealing with the human experience: the stress of life, business, relationships (family challenges!), troubling emotions, old ‘stuff’ that won’t go away / and also those with chronic illnesses and physical issues that seem to be unsolvable.

The only requirement I have is that you are as open and as willing as possible. I mean open to getting better, to trying something new and positive, to healing, and that you have a little inkling inside somewhere (even if tiny) that there MUST be a better way. (Because there is!)

Pay From The Heart Therapy

Now, I am just one person, so I can’t give away free sessions to everyone all day every day! No, I’m not copping out, please keep reading 🙂 I do have to balance out the time I give for free with making money to pay the bills.

I find that the people who can afford the going rate for therapy will do so, which allows me to help those who can’t afford it right now, or those who can only afford a reduced rate. It’s like therapy by donation, except we talk up front and make a plan based on my availability and your needs. So we all work together to make it work for everyone. That’s my goal.

And we each are honest about what we can do right now. Not for anyone else, but because we each know inside what is honest, and we pay what we can, we Pay From The Heart. (A first step to healing is honesty. Even if you never tell anyone else what you are thinking, you become aware inside of what is honest for you in this moment.)

  • Sessions are generally 1 hour long. I always allow an extra 15 minute buffer so we don’t ever feel rushed.
  • Online works great (Skype or Zoom are best for me, but we can work with your preferences too). Some people actually prefer online therapy sessions because it can feel less threatening at first to be able to go off camera if you need to, or to have a very clear ‘space’ that can’t be ‘invaded’. Just be sure you have the privacy you need, so you don’t worry about being overheard or interrupted.
  • If you are in Boulder, Colorado, we can definitely do in-person sessions.
  • Anyone can have a free half hour consultation with me (schedule allowing, of course!) to see if working together might be a good fit, for the both of us.

Part of what I love about this structure (or lack of hard structure) is that it allows us the freedom to create what works for both of us. Some people are really uncomfortable not paying, while others are overwhelmed by the idea of coming up with funds to help themselves, even though they desperately need it. Not everyone needs weekly sessions, some people need twice a week, some once a month. The two and a half day (more expensive, but highly effective) intensives are amazing. People make major shifts in that time. And small groups work wonders – especially for people in the same boat – like a group of struggling teens, or partners in relationship trouble.

Therapy sessions are always (by law, and by my own code) 100% confidential, no matter what you pay. I am not even permitted to share whether or not a person is a client of mine, even if asked. The only times I may (and must) break the confidentiality is if a client plans to hurt themselves or others, or is involved sexually with a minor.

If your insurance will reimburse you for sessions, that’s wonderful. However, I do not bill insurance. Too complicated, sorry!

I consider my standard fee to be $70 per session. Most in my business world charge $120-$160 per hour. I remember how expensive that felt to me, so I’ve tried to set a rate that keeps therapy affordable, values my time and yours, and allows me to pay the bills. If you can pay the $70, great. If you can pay more, I keep track of any amounts over $70 and use that to cover free or discounted sessions for those who can’t pay right now. I hope you get the idea. It does work well. However, if you are confused, just send me a message. Basically, we just discuss your situation and set up a win-win.

  • No money for what you received? Pay it forward.
  • Pay for a session at a quarter the market rate: $35
  • Pay for a session at half price= my standard rate: $70
  • Pay for a session^, plus pay forward $30 to someone in need: $100
  • Pay for a session at full market rate, which is like paying for your session and donating a full session to someone in need: $140
  • Get an intensive two and a half days (15 hours) one-on-one: $1500

I recommend committing to at least three sessions. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but I find it takes around three sessions, minimum, for you to start to have the full experience of Emotional Energy Reset and to get the foundational skills established.

Contact Me & Get Scheduled

This is me, Emily.

Contact me and let me know what your situation is.

Check out my online calendar to set up an appointment. Note: In order to keep space for my regular clients and to allow me scheduling flexibility, I only allot a limited number of self-booking slots to the calendar. However, if the self-scheduling hours don’t work for you, please just contact me and we’ll see what we can work out. Remember, I am in Colorado, which is Mountain Time Zone.

After we schedule a time, I’ll email you paperwork that is required to get started. I also encourage you to write down anything you want me to know or questions you want answered to send to me before our first appointment. This helps us focus and get down to the important stuff faster.

Payment is at the end of each session. Click here for payment options. Contact me about other methods. I can also take a credit card number and run it via Square (with the physical card or just the numbers).

Contact me and find FAQs here.

Click here to learn more About Me + Intuitive Psychotherapy and Emotional Energy Reset.

Emily Marshall, NLC.0110632, CO State Board of Registered Psychotherapists

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